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Dpboss Kalyan Panel Chart Lobo, a BJP MLA, also demanded that ‘matka gambling’ be legalised in the state and a ‘GST-like’ tax imposed on the activity. ‘Goans should be allowed to continue visiting Casinos. There was a. The doughnut cone was warm and moist! Zafrani Matka Chai from Takht-e-Chai stood out amidst other tea options due to the.
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"Based on the circumstances at the murder spot we could get vital clues in the murder case of the women. We started our.

A history-sheeter facing 10 criminal cases was shot dead and another person injured when three assailants opened fire on them.

Panaji, Feb 2 (IANS) With the entry of Goans banned in casinos from February 1, the coastal state’s Ports Minister Michael Lobo has now demanded that ‘matka’, an illegal daily lottery, should be.

Readers’ Choice: 16 Of The Best Biryani Places In India – A typical dhaba like-setting may be off-putting for some, but the biryani is sure to make up for everything here. Nestled in.

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“Recordings were done in the Valley as I wanted our folk musicians, from various villages, to work on this. So they worked on.

Owner got the idea while visiting a Karachi food street A local restaurant in Rawalpindi has introduced Matka Biryani for food lovers. Cooked in a pot, this special biryani does not have potatoes.

Porvorim: Before banning Goans from entering casinos, the state government should crackdown on local gambling matka and godgoddo business. Even those at the level of minister, MLA, sarpanch and panch.